Temasek Review 2018


Materials printed as part of Temasek’s annual disclosure exercise include the Temasek Overview, Temasek Review Highlights and Temasek in Brief publications and advertisements.

They are a subset of the full Temasek Review, which as of 2018, is entirely online, at The Temasek Review contains more details, charts and information, as well as historical data and comparisons that lead Temasek’s annual disclosure exercise.

Photography: Danny Santos II; Raphael Olivier; Bryan van der Beek
Design and development of English publications and microsite: Black Sun Plc, UK
Chinese translation: Focus Publishing Ltd, Singapore
Design of Chinese publications: The Press Room Group Pte Ltd, Singapore
Printing: Dominie Press Pte Ltd, Singapore

We thank those who agreed to the use of their photos and provided assistance at the various locations photographed for our annual disclosure exercise.