Temasek Review 2018

Enabling Communities

Businesses can deliver sustainable returns over the long term only if there is a thriving and productive economy, a just and inclusive society, and a clean and healthy environment.

We have 18 non-profit philanthropic endowments, gifted over the years, to focus on different aspects of building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives. These endowments are grouped under a family of six Foundations to better plan and deliver community programmes under their respective mandates. In 2017, we added the Stewardship Asia Centre Endowment to reinforce our commitment to promote sound stewardship and good governance across Asia. Stewardship Asia Centre is currently the beneficiary of this new endowment. To date, our Foundations have touched over 800,000 lives across Singapore and Asia.

Our non-profit philanthropic endowments focus on building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives.

Our Foundations champion various public good causes, including sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability and mitigate climate changes, as well as to build a more resilient and inclusive world for our future generations.

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Knowledge Centres
Staff Volunteer Initiative

Financial Oversight and Governance

Temasek Trust oversees the financial management of gifts and endowments from Temasek and other donors.

This includes the mandated disbursement to six non-profit philanthropic Foundations, and Stewardship Asia Centre, based on sustainability and good governance.

The Trust also serves as a convenor of philanthropic ideas and best practices, an advocate of corporate giving, and a catalyst for enhancing capabilities.

The Board of Trustees comprises Chairman S Dhanabalan, Euleen Goh and Ng Kee Choe.

Our six Temasek Foundations have touched over 800,000 lives over the decade.

Temasek Foundation International partners Singapore and international organisations to fund and build capabilities in Asia, especially for healthcare, education, public administration, urban management and disaster response.

Temasek Foundation Cares focuses on uplifting underprivileged individuals, families and communities in Singapore, through partnerships, pilot programmes and research that range from at-risk mothers with young children, to palliative and special needs care.

Temasek Foundation Connects builds social bridges, by promoting dialogue and mutual understanding across various human boundaries. It manages The Singapore Summit – a signature business and government forum around the F1 race events.

Temasek Foundation Nurtures supports education and professional development, especially for youth – such as the School of the Arts and Singapore Sports School students – to make the leap in music, arts, sports, mathematics and science, engineering and technology.

Temasek Foundation Innovates sponsors solutions-based research and innovation. It manages two endowments for the Singapore Millennium Foundation and the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, a biomolecular research institute.

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity champions innovative solutions to improve liveability and build an ABC World. The Foundation promotes best practices and standards for impactful solutions. It calls for research on various aspects of sustainability twice yearly.

Temasek Foundation Management Services develops human resource and corporate services for the Temasek Foundations. It also facilitates the sharing of best practices and collaboration between the Foundations and the wider philanthropy sector to improve support to the community.

Stewardship Asia Centre promotes stewardship and sustainability by building capabilities for content, outreach, standards-setting and education. It strives to inspire and catalyse change, and to create an impact in Asia by marrying research and practice.

Business leaders sharing perspectives on creating positive impact for their stakeholders and communities.

Stewardship Asia Centre

Stewardship Asia Roundtable

Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2018 brought together about 200 business leaders representing companies, family businesses, investors and public institutions from 20 countries, to exchange ideas on sound stewardship, and rethink their bottomline goals to include sustainability and people-centred considerations.

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