Temasek Review 2018

Shaping Tomorrow

To shape a better and more sustainable tomorrow for this and future generations.

Do well
Do right
Do good

Committed toDo well Investor

Enabling groundbreaking capabilities, promoting sustainable living and leveraging on the sharing economy:
See how we invest in companies for a better, smarter and more connected world.

Powering Singapore Ahead

Singapore is tackling energy challenges and a lack of resources through alternative sources of power.

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Ready, Set, Follow!

The secret to success for start-ups in Indonesia could lie in the hands of social media influencers.

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China’s All-electric Future

One of the world’s largest polluters is cleaning up its act with the help of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

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Determined toDo rightInstitution

From encouraging constant innovation to fostering a spirit of active volunteerism:
See how we're empowering our people to deliver and make the world a better place.

Growing Change Champions

You(th) matter: youth are making a difference in society with the help of mentors from the Young Social Entrepreneurs programme.

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Mental Wellness 2.0

Singapore is battling old stigmas and new challenges in mental health with awareness and interaction.

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Let's Appreciate Them

Community event held on an iconic street featured fun games and free food for migrant workers.

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Inspired to Do good Steward

Building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives:
See how our Temasek Foundations and philanthropic endowments enable a better life for us all.

Waste-eating Maggots

These black soldier fly larvae have appetites big enough to solve our food waste problem.

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Fostering Play-Ability

Community programme allows special needs individuals the chance to play.

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Your TV Therapist

Tele-rehab system uses videos and wearable sensors to allow patients to rehab from home.

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